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We will try to answer the most common concerns regarding vehicle rental.

If your doubts are not answered here, then feel free to contact us directly and we will do our best to answer your questions.

  • What are the requirements to rent a vehicle?
    Identity card / international passport / Valid driver's license until the end of the rental period / Equal to or greater than 25 years of age / Guarantee corresponding to each model of vehicle on a credit card
  • Can I drive in Chile with my country's driver's license or do I need an international license?
    You can drive in Chile with a valid license from your country of origin, it is not necessary to have an international license, as long as the information appears in English, in legible characters. The hirer and all drivers must have a current and full (non-probationary) motor vehicle driver’s license. This must be shown when booking your car and always carried. An international driving license whilst not obligatory is highly recommended as an addition to your normal license.
  • Do I need to pay a deposit to confirm my reservation?
    Once we confirm availability, a link to the secure payment portal will be sent to you by email. A deposit of 50% of Gross Rental Costs and 100% of Remote location Fees (One Way Fee) must be paid to confirm your booking. This must be paid via our secure online payment portal using a bank transfer or credit card.
  • What are the payment methods for the Guarantee?
    The only acceptable payment method to constitute the guarantee is through a valid credit card with the available quota according to the category of the vehicle requested.
  • What kind of insurance coverage is included in the rental?
    Each of our vehicles has the Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance (SOAP) It is also included the standard insurance that covers, own damages to the vehicle, damages due to overturning and damages to third parties within Chile. A guarantee deposit will be requested by credit card from the client for an amount equivalent to USD $ 1,500 plus taxes. In case of returning the vehicle with new damage, an amount equivalent to the repair value will be charged up to a maximum of USD $ 1,500 + taxes mentioned above. Insurance is included as standard in both Chile and Argentina (we do not charge an additional cost per day like other rental companies), and without it you would not be able to drive the car. We provide our customers with 'Limited Liability' which means that you are liable for damages up to the 'excess' (or, as we call it your limited liability amount). This is the liability deposit which we must secure from your credit card at pick up amounting to USD $ 1,500 + taxes . If for example you damage the tires or windshield of the car, we only charge you the cost to repair or replace it. However, we try and be as fair as possible, and look at each case individually and work out the associated repair cost (we do not profit from these accidental damages). Any damage at all that you incur will be deducted from your liability deposit. Should you incur a single vehicle accident (SVA) or the car is stolen, the customers liability for this occurrence is up to USD $ 2,800 and is a standard rent a car policy clause here in Chile. Because of this, many customers obtain travel insurance in their own country which covers them for any additional expenses incurred relating to damages in rental cars. As always when travelling, it's an excellent idea to have insurance which covers personal possessions and medical expenses during any travel trip. Many customers have this cover with their credit card companies and aren't aware of it (so please ask).
  • Can I travel to Argentina with a rented Vehicle?
    You can drive any of our vehicles and cross the border into Argentina since they are authorized by Chilean Customs for this purpose. You will have to leave the advance payment of the permit and insurance to cross the border, work that is carried out by the reservations team. To facilitate and speed up the procedure, it will be requested that at the time of quoting your vehicle, indicate your intention to leave the country. It is vitally important to send the information requested below to process the necessary documents to authorize departure from the country to Argentina. 1. Copy of passport or identity card 2. driving license of each driver 3. number of passengers that will cross the border in the vehicle. NOTE If you want to visit El Calafate, departing from Torres del Paine or Puerto Natales , It is however, strictly forbidden to take the vehicle and drive on the road between El Cerrito and Fuente Del Coyle (in the way to El Calafate). You must drive through Esperanza to get to both cities.
  • Can I return the vehicle in another city or abroad?
    Yes, of course, it is possible to return the vehicle in another city, both in Chile and also in Argentina. You should keep in mind that this service has a cost that varies depending on the distance in kilometers between the pick-up and the drop-off location. If you want to know the values, we will ask you to send us an e-mail requesting your return abroad, clearly mentioning the place of collection and return.
  • What happens if I have an accident and it is not my fault?
    As standard, you are liable for all damage caused to the vehicle until we are able to receive payment from the third-party insurer. Your liability deposit will be charged in full, and you will be reimbursed when a full payment has been received. Please see Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • What are Transpaine cancelation fees?
    Cancellation fees are as follows:   If cancelled more than 60 days prior to pick-up: 20% of the prepaid gross rental amount and 100% Remote locations or One Way fee.   If cancelled between 60 and 30 days prior to pick-up: 40% of the prepaid gross rental amount and 100% Remote locations or One Way fee. If cancelled less than 30 days prior to pick-up: 50% of the prepaid gross rental amount and 100% Remote locations or One way fee.   In the event of No Show: 100% of the prepaid amount   If the vehicle is returned early: No refund available.   Since there are costs for cancellation of reservations, we always recommend our clients to take out travel insurance on their own that includes reimbursement of unused services in case they cannot travel or have to return to their place of origin in advance.
  • ¿Qué es una sección de FAQ?
    Una sección de FAQ (Preguntas frecuentes) sirve para responder rápidamente preguntas comunes sobre tu negocio como '¿Cuáles son tus horarios?', '¿A dónde hacéis envíos?' o '¿Cómo puedo hacer una reserva?' Las preguntas frecuewntes son un buen modo para ayudar a la gente a navegar en tu sitio e incluso pueden ayudarte a mejorar el SEO de tu sitio.
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